About the company

ST Robotics was formed in 1989 by David Sands (center picture) after 4 years of development along with Catherine George (3rd from right) of low cost bench top robots for serious applications. Prior to that he was involved in high volume educational robots which were unsuitable for those more serious enquiries. Over the years many robot companies have fallen by the wayside apart from the manufacturers of large industrial robots.

ST shifted to design and build of special robotic systems for which a separate company was formed but in the past few years ST has re-focussed back on light industrial bench-top robots.

Our mission: ST aims to provide robots that are easy to set up and use, easily programmed by any individual regardless of experience. We provide unlimited support all through the learning experience. We equally aim to provide a low cost solution to experienced users for a diverse range of advanced and complex tasks.

Our reputation is one of unconditional customer support, flexibility, and products of quality and total reliability.
Here are just a few comments from customers:

Robotics Within Reach is a maxim thought up by a past employee Simon Crowhurst (3rd from left in picture) in around 1989. It encompasses 3 concepts, within reach technically, within reach financially and reach as it applies to an arm. It seems to have been semi plagiarized by a competitor.

Company profile
ST Robotics is a trading name for associated companies in USA, UK, Russia, Sri Lanka and Korea.
Background Information:
The company was formed in 1985 with the objective of producing low cost "bench top robots".
Company Information:
Sands Technology International Inc. t/a ST Robotics based in Princeton, New Jersey
Incorporated in 1992, CEO David Sands. VP Mathew Monforte, a specialist in end effectors
and ex robotics specialist at NASA
Imagecroft 2014 Ltd. t/a ST Robotics based in Cambridge, UK
a continuation of Imagecroft Ltd., incorporated in 1986
Association Robot Ltd. based in Ekaterinburg, Russian Federation
Incorporated in 1992, managing director is Andrei Vavulenko, a prominent Russian engineer.
Teknologia dlya Progressia! (as they say in Russia)
ST Robotics Asia Ltd, Sri Lanka

David Sands                   Mathew Monforte        Andrei Vavulenko

ISO9000: we have been operating TQM since 1989. Products are CE marked and meet all CE and FCC EMC standards.
We provide a 3-day training course (4 with maintenance) worldwide.