Robotics within reach
Low cost bench top collaborative robot arms - swift, accurate, easy to program - within reach financially and technically.
Industrial robot designs backed by 20 years experience of manufacture, design, quality management and production.

Why automate with a robot
Cut production costs, reduce human error and improve quality, highest return on investment.
"This has been one of the best investments we have made, it does a great job for us." - Mesa Labs, USA
Increase production output. Robots can work round the clock.
"Arnold is still running all shifts with no problems." - Hewlett Packard

R12 small articulated robot
R17 750mm robot arm
R19 cylindrical format   robot  
Intuitive interactive software
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Why an ST robot
bullet Unique low cost technology   simplicity and reliability go  bullet zero maintenance  bullet unlimited technical support
"I wish all companies had customer support as helpful as yours" - Thermo-Fisher Scientific
The simplicity of the software and the robot works leaves very little to go wrong. This means maximum return on investment.
For most businesses, an ST robot pays for itself in just a few months!

Interactive Intuitive software
bullet Get up and running in 10 minutes go  bullet Get help whenever you need it
"...we were all very impressed with how quickly we could get going with the robot system (especially Robwin and ROBOFORTH)
and I'll definitely come straight back to you next time we need a robot arm!" - The Techology Partnership

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