All about ST Robotics

Serial inventor David Sands first started making robots in around 1982 with the Cambridge company Intelligent Artefacts.
The company featured in the famous book of the time, "The Cambridge Phenomenon"

sa2 image

The first robot was called the SA2 and was controlled by any of the popular microcomputers of the day including the BBC micro, Commodore Pet and others.

c310 image

Cyber Robotics was a spinout from this and the robot was redesigned as the Cyber 310

r12a image

The R12 was the first bench-top robot to be launched by the new ST Robotics

Team in 1995
The team in 1992
The US corporation was registered in 1992
David Sands is center with Annis Monforte furthest right. Annis manages the New Jersey corporation

Since then more robots were launched,
R15 Custom Cartesian system,
R17 with 750mm reach,
R16 cylindrical format, replaced by the R19
and recently the R18 delta robot.
The R16 was used many times on high throughput screening systems with linear tracks and it's main claim to fame is multiple R16s on tracks were used to help create the first ever DNA database.

In 2009 The R12 was totally redesigned to the form you see now on our website. The design brief was it had to be faster, lighter and more accurate (and look good).
Since then it has had many upgrades of course. It was chosen by Dogtooth Technology as the basis for their strawberry picking robot and they manufacture the arm under license.