There is now a new and exciting opportunity:

Agricultural robot market size ... 16.3 billion by 2020 (Wintergreen report)

Some startups are already up and running. For example:
Dogtooth technologies
Who are already using technology licensed from ST Robotics.
Agrobot, also strawberry picking.
Four Growers working out of Carnegie Mellon University (PA, USA). They have had an ST robot for evaluation and will be using our R17HS high speed robot.
Apple picking already available
Weeding and fertilising in Australia
ITN recently ran a news item on the collaboration between Cambridge University, UEA and Lincoln specifically to work on agricultural robotics in general. (sorry about the sound)
Cambridge Consultants have used an ST robot to develop a gripper and vision which will recognize the type of fruit being picked up. Although real life applications have only one product it is the vision that can tell the robot where to pick and whether the fruit is ready.

And we are now working with a University on a project to automate picking cucumbers.
Here's work at University of Cambridge
Even John Deere is getting involved.

As much as 60% of the total cost of producing fruit is in the harvesting.
A few robot companies are now already working in the field (pun not intended):
the harvesting robot early adopter market is now worth 5.5 billion
future farming
Please see the Wintergreen report

We have put together a team to develop a practical robotic harvesting system. We have bright young engineers and programmers balanced by the founder's years of experience.
This is a major industry of the future and as you have seen above, some teams and investors have already got started. We are working with is asparagus.

The Asparacut robot

About ST Robotics

ST Robotics was formed in 1989 by David Sands (center picture). We have been successfully developing and selling robot arms for 20 years. This is not a startup. We have an office in Princeton, New Jersey and manufacture and development is in Cambridge UK. We have a phenomenal Internet presence owing to the dozens of sites with links to ours. If you search for low cost robots and many other search terms you will find us in page 1 of Google every time. Such ranking takes years to achieve. We have every stage of production fully developed: manufacture, sub-contract, testing, documentation, shipping etc. which makes for a stable platform from which to launch a new venture.

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About the founder

My name is David Sands, CEO and inventor.
You can see my achievements on LinkedIn:

ST Robotics is seeking investment for this project. If you are interested in knowing more please contact me on or call me, +447970906221 or US +16095847522
A powerpoint presentation and a full business plan are available. Just ask.