You're in good company

Customers past and present - a small selection only
Why do all these major corporations and universities buy ST robots (sometimes several)? The answer is value. ST robots are faster than near competition, phenomenally reliable, accurate, surprisingly easy to program (see below) and very affordable.

Some quotations from customers:

"Thank you so much for your support. I think it's amazing to have found robotics company that provides this level of support. I wish you'd make more types of robots." - University of Cincinnati

"I appreciate that your software takes a complicated subject and makes it easy to follow. I would definitely look to work with your robot in the future when we have automation projects." - MTS Systems

"I was able to connect them up and communicate with them very easily. For a simple low end robot they are a great deal! The language is easy to use, especially after working on a *** or a ***. [major robot manufacturers names deleted]
One other thing I must say, You have been outstanding when it comes to customer service!" - Eli Lilly

"...We were all very impressed with how quickly we could get going with the robot system (especially Robwin and ROBOFORTH) and I'll definitely come straight back to you next time we need a robot arm!" - The Technology Partnership (Cambridge, UK)

"...a spectacular job of answering questions from users, be it a silly basic question or a complicated technical inquiry." - MIT (Cambridge, MA)

"I finally understand why you made RoboForth as is. It is extremely lean. When I worked with the big name robots, their robots require a ton of memory on windows to run their API... RoboForth is so lean and the performance on Linux is insanely good. There aren't any other industrial grade robots that have this kind of performance." - Waterloo University, Canada

"Thank you very much for your continuous support, your customer support has been outstanding... as always your responses are prompt and clear. I wish all companies had customer support as helpful as yours" - Thermo-Fisher Scientific.

"This has been one of the best investments we have made, it does a great job for us. And yes you may quote me these are great little robots" - Mesa Labs, USA

An R12 robot was refurbished after 7 years of continuous use. The customer who was not there for the original installation wrote: "We have a working functional robot....the ppl in the plant are very happy!! Relearning the positions was simple once I got into the routine."

# mechanical, electronic construction -- Great quality
# reliability -- Very reliable.
# electronics, interfacing -- UI is friendly and ST provides a tons of support.
# value for money -- Worth the money that was spent on the units.
- Broadcom Inc, CA

"This thing is awesome! ... 16 second video clip attached (was amazed at how easy it was to get a program written for it). We used the added I/O to interface it with a PLC and have them working together beautifully. The documentation that you send with the robot made everything really easy to do." - Halifax CC, NC.

"In general we found your support (Q&A) very responsive.
Although not trivial at first sight the programming language happens to be very efficient and to provide a high degree of control and flexibility “ something I'm not sure other providers provide..." - Eff Inov Technologies, France

"We just finished the first course using the robot and everything worked great!
Students liked the robot a lot and found the programming interface easy to use and very intuitive." - Indiana Tech.

"Our arm from ST Robotics was installed in June 2005 as an exhibit to display the movement and flexibility of a robotic arm. The arm now has a running time of 24,400 hours...
This was installed as part of a larger exhibition and carries on regardless while all the other exhibits are failing. A laudable feat of engineering endurance, and excellent customer support." - Dundee Science Centre, Scotland

"No, no problems, it's working fine. We recently tried it with a laser aimed through the sensor block and it was just as good (accuracy). So we have no problems with the (classified)."- Kearfott Guidance.

"The quality is amazing [of their product]. It's a much better finish than we ever did manually." - Qualplast, England.

"The robot system has exceeded all our expectations" - Racal Mesl.

"No, neither robot has given any trouble. They are both working perfectly - Radstone Electronics."
and then after another 5 years we called them and the robots were still in use, one for 10 years: "The robots have worked flawlessly"

"We know of *** and *** systems that constantly give trouble. Ours works consistently night and day. - Xenova Pharmaceuticals."

"Arnold is still running all shifts with no problems. We never need to relearn positions." - Hewlett Packard.

"This is the third robot we've bought for this job and the only one that could do it. The *** is still in it's packing case in the parking lot." - Signet Armorlite.

found on the net: (a Perl forum)
"My favorite robot is from STRobotics.... Their stuff is designed on the Z8000, and runs a language they call RoboForth. It's a pretty fair implementation of Forth, and that is one of my all-time favorite programming languages."

We regret it is our firm policy not to give contact details. The customers above have not given permission to do so.

Articles published about ST robots or RoboForth
Research at the University of Arizona.
The entire national DNA database, the biggest in the world, was set up by the UK Forensic Science Service using 8 ST robots.
(note: The ST R16 robot is mistakenly referred to as a Hamilton ML16 robot and Roboforth is also an ST product.)
Robotics in the nuclear industry
Trawsfynydd Power Station De-commissioning
ST supplied 4 large Cartesian robot systems in master-slave combinations to swab waste containers in a radioactive environment.


ST Robotics wins award for most dedicated employer