Videos made by ST customers.

Cambridge Consultants fruit picking hand
Drawing Tormach logo with a pen (Iowa)
Includes how it was programmed.
Fun program by students at Rose-Hulman University (Indiana)
Ronfu Smartmills CNC tending
Olin college checkers playing robot, using vision. (MA)
Sofica, Soma smartphone camera testing system (Finland)
Press tendng (India)
The Talay Tweet robot
Marble run for children's exhibition
by Superdroid
Box erection using
two R17 arms (UK)
William Hughes Company
R12 handling car seat springs (UK)
Typical production cell: Coastaltek LLC (California)
Typical production cell: Novel (France)
Testing Electronic modules (China)
more videos by users:
Sugeevan Shan R12
Ras al Khaimarh R12
Jinyoung Song matlab project R12
Bedford College Engineering ST Robotics R12 Pyramid Stacking
R17 robot arm + OpenCV
Ryan Stewart ST Robotics R17 Suction Cup
Lycee Edouard Branly
Demonstration by RS COMPONENTS, Italy
weighing (BTS Systèmes Numériques Électronique et Communication Amiens)
test tubes (Halifax CC) R12
Bolton University
Stoicheia: Art and R12 robot (large file)