Low cost delta format robot arm



Based on Igus Drylin delta robot powered by ST Robotics controller and software
Very high speed pick and place
Basic 3 axes, optional 4th axis rotate
Encoder watchdogs
RoboForth user friendly conversational software with English language words
Input/output interfacing, optional I/O expansion
Non-volatile memory, turnkey operation
Optional pneumatic or electric grippers, vacuum pickup
R18 is supplied ready to run -- robot, controller, all cables, teach pad, Windows project manager
Free simple intuitive teach pad, optional Android Bluetooth console
On-screen manuals, tutorials, help sheets, unlimited free technical support
Outstanding reliability from Igus, zero scheduled maintenance, 10 years legacy support
Support for LabView, Matlab etc.


R18 is a low cost entry to high speed pick and place robotics, fast, accurate, phenomenally reliable and easy to program. The mechanics are a standard Igus delta robot assembled by ST and coupled with ST controller and software capable of running the robot literally twice as fast as the Igus controller with the added advantage of the RoboForth language and IDE (integrated development environment).
The robot features Drylin toothed belt linear drives and light metal tubular arms terminating in frictionless spherical bearings.
picture of igus delta
The R18 delta uses high power, high speed, high efficiency stepping motors with intelligent micro-stepping for both power, speed and precision. Each axis is monitored by encoders that stop all motion in the event of a collision or other problem. The package includes the latest robot controller that is simple and reliable using a partnership of CPU and DSP micro-processors and intelligent MOSFET drives. ROBOFORTH II embedded software gets you started easily yet permits the most complex motions, interfaces and peripherals to be programmed, assisted by ROBWIN project manager that brings everything together on one Windows screen. Everyone who uses this system agrees it is both flexible and really easy to use.

The 4th axis is an option so products can be turned during motion.


Drives:High power micro-stepped hybrid stepping motors
incremental encoder watchdogs
Payload (standard):nominal 1Kg max 2Kg
(repeatability and speed degrade with increasing payload).
Repeatability:0.5mm 1
Maximum speed (after acceleration):4m/s
Standard cycle time:1 seconds
Max torque for 4th axis roll:1.5 Nm
Weight15.0Kg (3-axis), Controller 11kg
Power: 110/240v ac 420VA (standard controller)
Environment:IP 54A, 0 - 40C (wider range optional)
MTBF: 20,000 hours (typically over a million cycles)
note 1: repeatability measured as a standard deviation of all 3 dimensions at 100% speed and zero payload over 24 hours after a 1 hour
warming up period. Figures for ISO 9283 available on request.


R18 dimensions

Support and maintenance

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