Gripper fingers

All the grippers we supply apart from E1 have just short stubs we call jaws. It is not possible to make a gripper that will (accurately) fit any size or shape of item. Someone needs to make what we call fingers to adapt to the item. These screw on to the jaws using fixing holes in the jaws.
Below are two examples of gripper jaws. Left: EG12 electric gripper. Center: SMC pneumatic gripper. Right: E2 electric gripper

It is necessary to make item specific fingers. Although ST can fabricate the fingers for you as a cost extra service (see below) fabrication is best done by the user or integrator because you are better able to tailor the fingers to your product. This also gives you the freedon to tweak the shape to better match your item in the light of experience using the fingers. Below are some examples of fingers.
The right hand two pictures show how a single design can grip two sizes of vials.

Here is a video made by a user, Tormach, on making a gripper for the R17. In the majority of cases fingers are much simpler and can be made by shaping thin steel or plastic. The video shows the concept of attaching dedicated fingers.

Gripper finger design service

ST are able to offer this service at low cost by virtue of 3D printing. We design the fingers using CAD then manufacture them from plastic using a 3D printer. This is considerably cheaper than machining from aluminium. Of course we can make small changes without having to machine again from scratch. If high strength is required we can use ABS.
Example of fingers printed from white plastic.
Cad design 3D printed and fitted to robot

No absolute guarantee is given with this service because site conditions may be unexpected but if you can send us your product we can make sure the fingers fit and that the gripper has the required stroke etc.