Schools Robotics Initiative

GoForth Robotics Program

Welcome to the schools robotics program sponsored by ST Robotics of Cambridge and Princeton.
The mission of this program is as follows:
  • To bring robotics "down" to a wider range of students than is possible with current initiatives such First League.
  • To bring robotics "up" to a wider range of applications beyond RC vehicles and robot arms
  • To encourage the use of Forth and other building block languages beyond C and other syntactic programming.

    How it works

    ST provides a kit comprising some hardware based loosely around Meccano and other metal components, an ARM based controller with input/output and motor control and a control language based on Forth (RoboForth). The kit is being offered free to a limited number of schools initially on a beta test basis. A school team constructs a robotic "something" and when finished with the kit is returned to ST. Feedback from these tests will go into the design of a competition or league.

    Your students can build anything robotic with this kit, for example a moving face or a dancer or a vehicle. Here is a video of a robot arm designed, built and programmed by a Nuffield Bursary student in the UK.