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Our industrial robot designs are backed by 20 years experience of manufacture, design, quality management and production.
With ST you benefit from decades of experience from industrial, laboratory, educational and many other professional areas. We take the trouble to find out what you need and recommend the best model and accessories for your application or even nothing at all if we feel it will not work for you.
Our mission: to provide robots that are affordable, easy to set up and use and easily programmed by any individual regardless of experience. We provide free and unlimited support throughout the learning curve and beyond. We invite you to discuss your application with us at your convenience.

The ST files

Robot controller K11R
Android teach console
Online manuals
Educational packages
Grippers and tool changers
Test drive - webcam
Test drive - simulation
Collaborative robotics, safety sensors
Why use a robot
R15 Cartesian and gantry robot
About reliability
Nuclear and radiochemical robotics
About repeatability
Laboratory robotics and Life Science
Risk assessment
Warranty and support
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