Bluetooth Teach Console

The Bluetooth teach console is a 7 inch tablet running Android and an ST app.
It communicates with the robot controller via Bluetooth eliminating the need for a cable that can get snagged or may not be long enough for some circumstances. It provides the ability to teach the robot close up without the cable required for the free teach pad included as standard.

The current Cartesian coordinates are constantly displayed on the screen and there is an on-screen stop button.

Based on a regular 7 inch tablet it is considerably less cost than a typical teach console you would get from competing manufacturers.

Basic functions
Basic functions included are:
* incremental movements (JOG) in X Y and Z axes
* incremental movements for the hand for pitch, yaw and roll
* any increment down to 0.1mm or 0.1 deg.
* after each movement the on-screen coordinates are updated.
* press the green tick to learn the coordinates into a route.
* quick READY safe position.
* programmable function button.
* always active stop button - stop robot motion and abort any move even when the console is not actually in use. *1

It also provides additional functions that make it easier to position the gripper or tool.
For example ALIGN mode that keeps the hand in the same orientation when changing X and Y
World and Tool modes:
Tool mode is where the coordinate measurement system relates to the tool or gripper and not to the bench. So for example a Z movement is a movement in the direction of the gripper, which ever way it is pointing. Likewise tool mode X and Y axes are at right angles to the gripper.
This button toggles between TOOL and WORLD modes.
Normally the system is in WORLD mode so, for example when you press Z+ the robot goes up, Z- it goes down; X is left/right and Y is towards/away as normal Cartesian mode.
When you press Tool the message TOOL MODE is displayed. Press ok.
You now have some limited freedom in tool coodinates providing the end effector is in permitted orientation.
In TOOL mode when you press Z+ the end effector (gripper) moves in the direction it is pointing i.e. along the center-line of the roll axis. See PLUNGE in the RoboForth manual. Press Z- and the end effector moves back.
Press Y+ or Y- and the end effector moves at right angles to the roll axis.
Press X+ or X- for motion in the X axis relative to tool position.

Examples for a 5 axis robot

World coordinates Tool coordinates, hand vertical Tool coordinates, hand not vertical
(if the hand is not vertical the hand can not move in X without the 6th axis.)

Examples for a 6 axis robot

The 'READY' position 45 deg. ROLL PITCH YAW and ROLL

Press Tool a second time to exit this mode. You will see WORLD MODE displayed. Press ok.
Terminal mode You can simply switch over to a terminal app already installed in your tablet.
The message OUTER INTERPRETER appears on screen and you can then type and send any RoboForth command including PLACE names, RUN, SPEED changes and so on.
Other buttons to facilitate this: Disconnect from Bluetooth, Connect to Bluetooth.

*1 Category 2 emergency stop, only applies if Bluetooth connection is maintained.