Bluetooth Teach Console

The Bluetooth teach console is a 7 inch tablet running Android.
It provides the ability to teach the robot close up without the cable required for the simple teach pad.
It also provides many more functions that make it easier to position the gripper or tool.

1 This is the current Cartesian position displayed on the screen at bottom left. You can update this position by pressing the blue refresh icon next to the display.
6 If not already in that position you can press the Ready button to send the robot to the useful READY position. On an R19 the Ready button sends the robot to home position.
2 On the left you will see a red green blue directions Icon with X+, X-, Y+, Y-, Z+ and Z-. When you press one of these the robot moves in that axis by the increment shown on screen at 4. After each movement the current position of the robot is displayed on screen below the direction icon.
3 In the center you will see an image of the hand from a 6-axis R12 and around it are 6 more buttons.
To move the hand or wrist press Pitch+ or Pitch- or Roll+ or Roll-. The set increment is now in degrees. Yaw+ and Yaw- are for 6-axis version. On the R19 only Yaw+ and Yaw- are active.
4 At the top of the screen you will see a box marked increment. This increment is in mm where linear moves are used, or in degrees when angular moves are used. To increase the increment press the blue up-arrow, to decrease press the blue down-arrow.
When the controller sends a message to the Nexus it appears center-screen. Once read just press ok Messages include “CAN'T REACH” which appears if you try to move beyond the reach of the robot or try to move too close to the shoulder axis. Note: the can't reach error is non fatal (system does not quit) while using the Nexus or teachpad.
5 Add/delete line to route.
These two keys work when in Jog mode.
You must first create or select a route before pressing . A route must be active for this to work. Open the route on the computer so you can see its contents. Now invoke the Nexus. Move the robot to the first position you wish to learn. When satisfied with the position press the green tick. This learns the position into the currently selected route. You will see it appear on the PC. To delete the last line learned press the red X key. You will see it removed from the list on the computer screen.
7 Align
In cases where this applies the Align button invokes ALIGN mode (see RoboForth manuals). In the case of a 5-axis robot if the hand is vertical then wrist roll will adjust and maintain its angle to the XY axes as the robot moves about. In the case of a 6 axis robot yaw will adjust. This can only work if the tool is approximately vertical for 5-axis, horizontal for 6-axis otherwise it has no meaning. If you make a move with align mode set where the tool is too far from vertical you will get an error message. It is a non fatal error but best to touch align again to cancel the mode.
8 Function
This key is programmable. Suppose you would like the Function key to send the robot HOME. Enter
then invoke the Nexus. From there on when you press the Function key the robot goes HOME. Or if you have some other word, for example TASK then
then invoke the Nexus. From there on when you press the Function key TASK is executed.
10 Gripper
To operate the gripper press Grip to close and Ungrip to open.
9 Tool
This button toggles between TOOL and WORLD modes.
Normally the system is in WORLD mode so, for example when you touch Z+ the robot goes up, Z- it goes down; X is left/right and Y is towards/away as normal Cartesian mode.
When you touch Tool the message TOOL MODE is displayed. Press ok.
You now have some limited freedom in tool coodinates providing the end effector is in permitted orientation.
In TOOL mode when you press Z+ the end effector (gripper) moves in the direction it is pointing i.e. along the center-line of the roll axis. See PLUNGE in the RoboForth manual. Press Z- and the end effector moves back.
Press Y+ or Y- and the end effector moves at right angles to the roll axis.
Press X+ or X- for motion in the X axis relative to tool position.

Examples for a 5 axis robot

World coordinates Tool coordinates, hand vertical Tool coordinates, hand not vertical
(if the hand is not vertical the hand can not move in X without the 6th axis.)

Examples for a 6 axis robot

The 'READY' position 45 deg. ROLL PITCH YAW and ROLL

Press Tool a second time to exit this mode. You will see WORLD MODE displayed. Press ok.
R19: Limited tool functions are available for the 4-axis R19.