Virtual Demonstration of R12/R17 and R19 robots

This software is designed to give you a feel for our robots, and the differences between the two most popular models, R17 (shown left) and R19. The controls for R12 are identical with R17.

Your computer must have DirectX9C if not you can download it from microsoft

Right-click this link or download the file (3Mb) from downloads. Move into a suitable directory and unzip. Run robodem.exe for the demonstration.
Windows may object to this program because it is an exe. Choose run anyway. It is a tried and tested app, originally written in 2010. Windows Defender would tell you if there was a problem.

The demonstration features full 3D images of the robots in all-round lighting. If you wish to see shadows run the program robodem_with_shadows.exe
The aspect ratio might be different from the original.

Press space to move from the opening screen and you see a menu with 4 options.
It's a good idea to print the file robodem.txt so you can refer to it as you operate the on-screen robot.

When controlling a robot you can move around it using the mouse. Left-click zooms in and right-click zooms out. Please be reminded that grippers are shown in the demo but are not standard on ST robots as there is a choice of end effectors.

When controlling the R17 (R12 is similar) the following keys are active:
(NOTE: this is only for the simulation. The real thing has a hand held 
teach pad on which you select an axis then press + or - for direction.)
A and D - move waist
W and S - move shoulder
O and K - move elbow
P and L - hand pitch
M and N - wrist rotate
G - grip
H - ungrip

When controlling the R19 the following keys are active:
A and D - move waist
W and S - move lift up/down
X and Z - move extend axis in/out
M and N - hand rotate (yaw)
G - grip
H - ungrip

We suggest making a note of these keys (or printing this page) before running the simulation.
When using these keys the control is very coarse. When using a teach pad with the real thing the speed is much slower and control more precise.

You can also try out some very limited ROBOFORTH commands. Choose option 7. Obviously these are just a tiny fraction of the actual ROBOFORTH vocabulary but should give you a feel for controlling an arm from commands. Do please refer to the page about ROBOFORTH and if you are interested do read the getting started primer but bear in mind it is not possible to put all 400 ROBOFORTH commands in the demo. Even the ones which are included are not fully implemented - they are just there to give you a feel for the system.

Press CAPS LOCK. Available ROBOFORTH commands take the form:

TELL (joint-name) (amount) MOVE - will move the named axis by the integer amount specified.
(amount) may be a negative number.
For R12/R17:
Axis name	value up to
WAIST		9000 for 90 degrees
SHOULDER	18000 for 90 degrees
ELBOW		9000 for 90 degrees
HAND		3600 for 90 degrees
WRIST		3600 for 90 degrees
These are similar but not the same values as the real thing.
For R19
Axis name	value
WAIST		9000 for 90 degrees
LIFT		approx 10000 for full stroke
EXTEND		approx 10000 for full stroke
HAND		900 for 90 degrees
Other commands:
HOME - returns complete arm to HOME position.
GRIP - closes gripper
UNGRIP - opens gripper

Have fun!