Warranty and Technical Support

ST Warranty is for 2 years subject to practical considerations described below.
In or out of warranty STR will provide, for the original owner, free technical assistance via telephone or email to maintain or program the robot for as long as you own it. If the machine changes users or owners further support may be chargeable.
ST sells boxed robots that the client purchases essentially online. The client then unpacks the robot, sets it up and starts on the manuals. But what happens if there is a problem?

Help required with software
This is the most common reason why clients require support.
Sometimes it is simply because the manual does not quite communicate with the client (obviously the manuals are subject to continuous improvement). In this case you can send an email or for faster support call the Trenton office +1 609 584 7522 (US only) or the Cambridge office +44 1223 420288 (US, EU and rest of world). The Trenton office operates on Eastern time. The Cambridge office provides 24 hour support.
Sometimes it is because the client has an unusual task which is not quite covered in the manual. Again email is best but you may phone if you need to. We recognize there is nothing worse than being stuck on a problem waiting for support. Emails are usually answered within one hour.
Sometimes it is because the user's software simply does not work as expected. In this case the best recourse is to email attaching the 3 files that the software generates so that ST can load them and advise where the errors are, if any, or how to overcome the problem.
If you have a software problem, for example an error, a screen shot is not necessarily helpful. The system can create a file of all the dialog between human and machine and you can send that to us. By looking at that we can advise what you did wrong and how to correct it.
Mechanical or electrical failure
Whether large or small no company can guarantee their product will not fail, only guarantee to put it right. In this event there are two possible recourses:
1. ST can send out by express service a replacement part together with explicit instructions on fitting it. Such work should only be performed by a competent technician (the cost of whom is covered by the client). The work itself is under-written by ST - this means that if you can't fit it or you make things worse, ST will still put it right at no extra cost.
2. If a local repair is not possible the bottom line is that you return the robot or the controller or both to ST. Collection would be arranged by ST normally at ST's expense. Items must be packed appropriately; ST may ship out transit cases first. There are no further costs to the client. For non-US and non-EU countries we may require the client to cover the cost of shipping.
Mechanical or electrical failure due to customer accident
This is the area between the above two cases. For example the user may damage the end effector or may damage an I/O card with incorrect connections or voltages. In these cases, we provide technical support via email and telephone then will arrange for parts to be repaired or replaced and shipped at the clients cost. If the client needs to send the robot back to the factory for repair - all parts, labor and shipping costs are born by the client, with a quote provided by ST Robotics, prior to work commencing.
Want to know about reliability?
ST Robotics has been making robot arms for 25 years. We were one of the first manufacturers of bench top robot arms. Our designs are based on practical experience from hundreds of applications in robotics and industrial automation. The demonstration robot that you can view online has done over a million cycles and is still fully functional.
How to get support
Since most questions are software related these are best sent by email with reply by email.
We always reply same day.
If you need a fast answer call the Trenton office +1 609 584 7522 (US only) or the Cambridge office +44 1223 420288 (US, EU and rest of world)
Always quote the serial number that you will find on the back of the robot near the connectors. (not the controller). You can also find this number by typing WRU (who are you).