Using Windows Hyperterminal to connect to the robot
This is called COM2TCP and allows you to tunnel a serial connection through the Internet.
Hyperterm.exe is present on most Windows systems but if you don't have it you can download it here.
Just unzip and run the exe. You can position it so you can still see the webcam.
For "new connection" enter a name, for example "robot". Click ok
For "connect using" drop down to TCP/IP (Winsock)
Enter Host address
You are now connected to the robot
Press enter to see OK or PASSWORD
Now use the browser back button to go to the demonstration instructions.

Using Android over Telnet to control the robot
You may need two tablets (or a tablet and Android phone), one to view the webcam and one for Telnet.
On your tablet go to the Google Play store and look for Mocha Telnet Lite (recommended).
You will need to sign in to Google+. Select and install it then open.
Once running select configure and enter our server address
Give it an alias name, for example "robot". Tap Save then Connect.
A blue screen should show "Connected".
You are now connected to the robot
Tap ABC to get a keyboard. Press enter to see OK or PASSWORD
Double-tap the shift to get upper case permanently. The keyboard should stay visible after first use.

Using iPhone over Telnet to control the robot
Again you may need 2 devices. Download a Telnet application; we recommend Mocha Telnet Lite
Enter our server address and press connect
You are now connected to the robot
Note that the enter (return) key is at the top of the screen.
Press enter to see OK or PASSWORD

esc character
Roboforth will abort if you press esc in the command line and the word ?TERMINAL also needs the esc character.
Unfortunately there is no escape character in Android or iPhone. If you want this feature you can change the escape character to \ (back-slash) as follows:
(warning: you are patching the memory image. Type exactly as shown. An error can corrupt the RoboForth.)
5C 660 C!
5C 1713 !

stop button
There is obviously no stop button online. However you can patch the stop code to accept S as follows:
C5 FIND STOP? 16 + !
C0 FIND STOP? 20 + !
Just press S (maybe more than once) to stop the robot. You may not see the stop button message.

To restore the original RoboForth enter 0 JUMP then ROBOFORTH