R12 6-axis calisthenics

Showing the range of freedoms available with our simple 6th axis extension.
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Tool changers

R17 with pneumatic tool changer handing micro-titer plates

R12 passive self locking tool changer.

r12 chess

Fun video showing a simulated game of chess. The robot throws a chess piece off to the left - it is not an accidental drop.

r19 robot arm in automated laboratory

An automated oil analysis system from CM Technologies using our R19 robot arm.
The robot also reads the analyser and uploads measurements.

Two synchronized r12 robot arms

Using 2 6-axis arms and the central turntable a total of 13 axes may be achieved around an 1800mm workspace.

Two synchronized r17 robot arms


r17 electric arc welding

Arc welding application. The robot can control the arc on/off and voltage.

r12 robot arm handling glass tubes

The arm is working through a rack of glass test tubes. Uses RoboForth features such as matrix programming and straight line motion.

R17HS high speed version of R17

Short clip (inevitably) of the high speed version of the R17, 6-axis version shown; 5-axis version also available.

R19 handling micro-titer-plates

R19 moving micro-titer plates in simulated laboratory task.

Machine tending

R17 robot places electrodes in mold then removes previous molding.

R17 tending milling machine.
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